Tips for Power Washing Your Pool Deck

It's the beginning of the pool season and you want your backyard pool to look as attractive as possible. You pool service can prepare your pool's water, but many homeowners will use a power washer to clean their pool deck at both the beginning and the end of the pool season. Power washers can easily remove much of the dirt and grime that can build up on the pool deck throughout the winter and also through constant use during summer. Cleaning Pool Decks with Power Washers Power washers can ...

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Enjoy All of the Pool Season with None of the Worry

A lot of pool owners actually dread the beginning of pool season. That's because there are so many things to worry about -- maintaining the proper chemical balance, keeping the pool free of debris, checking the pH all the time -- that it's practically impossible for them to relax and enjoy their backyard swimming pool. The whole purpose of having a pool in the first place is so you can kick back on a warm summer's day and escape the heat while enjoying the sunshine in our own personal swimmi...

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Fun Games You Can Play in Your Backyard Pool

Pool time is fun, family time. But you can add to the fun by playing entertaining, exciting games in your backyard pool that don't require you to buy any additional equipment. Playing pool games is not only enjoyable, it also helps promote healthy lifestyles. When you and your family participate in these fun and splashy games, you are being more physically active, which helps promote strong muscles and healthy bones. Four Fun Family Pool Games Here, then, are some backyard pool games yo...

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Conduct a Pre-Season Safety Check of Your Backyard Pool and Deck

The long winter is finally over and many homeowners are beginning to think about opening their backyard pool for the summer season. Before you call your pool cleaning service to prepare your pool,  it's important that you give your pool and deck area a once over so that you can ensure that they provide a safe and secure environment for your family and friends. Pre-Season Safety Checklist Here, then, is a pre-season safety checklist you can use to make sure your pool and deck area are a...

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