Choosing the Right Deck Furniture for Your Pool

As the area’s leading provider of¬†professional pool cleaning services, we see a lot of deck furniture. So we have become something of an expert on how to select the best deck furniture for your pool.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is buying too much deck furniture. You want to have plenty of places to sit and not enough room to move, it can be a real problem.

Outdated or Worn Deck Furniture

Another problem is not replacing deck furniture when it becomes broken, worn out, rusty, or out of style. Even though winters aren’t always that bad here, they can still take their toll on the quality of your deck furniture. If it’s old and dysfunctional, throw it out. New deck furniture usually is quite affordable.

When shopping for deck furniture, the number one thing to keep in mind is comfort. If a deck chair looks stylish and is the perfect color to match your decor, that doesn’t mean anything if it is so uncomfortable that nobody will sit in it.

‘Sit On It!’

Before buying deck furniture, make sure you give it the “sitting test”. Try it out. If it’s comfortable, it may be a good choice.

Another factor to consider is maintenance. You don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining or cleaning your deck furniture. Look for chairs and lounges that have cushions that won’t be damaged by water or won’t fade quickly from the sun.

Storing You Deck Furniture

Finally, consider how you are going to store your deck furniture during the off-season. Stackable chairs are more compact and cushions that can be stored in a vacuum pack. When storing your furniture, be careful not to damage it or put it away wet so that it will rust or become water damaged.

Great patio furniture can make your pool deck area come to life. Follow these tips to choose the best deck furniture for your home.

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