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My pool water level is dropping. Do I have a leak or is it simple evaporation?


We get these messages from time to time.  Pool owners notice that their pool water level is dropping everyday, but they are not sure if the water is just evaporating or if the pool has a leak.

I tell them they can determine for themselves by taking some simple steps:

First, they need to look for visible signs of a pool leak.  They can look at the exposed equipment and plumbing.  They can look for cracks in the pool.  Tiles falling off the wall or loose coping stones may have been caused by a pool leak.  Even tree roots may lift the pool wall.

If, however, there are no such visible signs, you may try a simple evaporation test, also know as the bucket test.


The test involves filling a bucket with water almost to the top, then placing it in the pool while making sure the rim is above the surface.  Mark the water level in both inside and repair it as soon as possible.

Another way of determining if your pool is leaking is by keeping track of how much water you are adding to your pool every week.  If you notice that you are adding a lot more water and a lot more chemicals than usual, you may have a pool leak as well.


A leaking pool can cause structural damage in the concrete of the pool. The pool water has different kinds of chemicals that can leak into the concrete of the pool resulting in hundreds or thousand salt chlorinators if ran without water.


An average 15×30 pool can lose about 2 inches of water per week*.  The average height of this pool is about 48 inches.  This means that in 24 weeks, if left alone, your pool could be empty.   This adds up to about 13,000 gallons of water in just a few weeks.  If you call your water provider and avoid additional problems, such as repairing the structure of the pool or any pool equipment.  If you have a leak, don’t ignore it.

If you need a reliable pool leak detector, please know that I perform year-round pool leak detection and repair using modern electronic leak-locating devices along with underwater video technology for verification. Family Pool Cleaning is a locally owned family business, therefore we are less expensive than large franchise companies.  In fact, many costumers have contracted us after paying such companies to find their pool leaks without success.

If you have any questions about our pool leak service and repair, please call us at 954-709-4292.  You won’t waste your time.