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Pool Leak Detection Fort Lauderdale Can Save You from Costly Repairs

ands. The sooner a leak is detected the better chance you have of solving the problem before it becomes costly.

A minor leak can quickly become a major problem. It is important to pay attention to the signs of leakage and contact a pool leak detection company in Fort Lauderdale to plug up the problem quickly.

Signs of Water Leakage

How can you tell if you have a leak in your pool? There are certain signs that you should keep an eye out for. This includes the following:

  • Visible cracks in the lining of your pool
  • Your pool deck sinking or lifting in areas
  • Soggy spots around the pool
  • Your pool water evaporates quickly

As you clean your pool or go swimming, keep an eye out for any visible cracks. If you notice a crack, make a note of its location and size. You should contact the company that installed your pool or a pool service to come inspect the crack.

If your pool deck is sinking, lifting, or has become soggy in spots, there is a good chance that water is leaking underneath. Another sign is the quick evaporation of water. If your water levels decrease by more than a ¼-inch per day, you may have a problem.

What Should You Do if You Detect a Leak?

If you detect a leak, you should contact a professional pool company. They can send an expert to examine your pool and patching your liner or other operations. By detecting a leak early, you may be able to avoid costly repairs.

Contact a professional pool service in Fort Lauderdale today for expert pool leak detection.


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