Pool Service Boca Raton: When Is It Warm Enough to Go Swimming?

swimming pool water temperatureYou backyard swimming pool sits glistening in the midday sunlight. You throw on your swimsuit, head out the patio door only to be hit with a wave of icy cold air.

It’s too cold to go swimming. So when is it warm enough to use your backyard swimming pool comfortably?

Air Temperature

It’s always a good idea to check your outdoor thermometer — or at least your smartphone — before heading outside to swim in the pool. If the air temperature is below 70 degrees F, most people probably aren’t going to feel too comfortable once they get out of the water — even if they have a heated pool.

Temperatures in the 80s or higher are even better for taking a dip in your backyard swimming pool. Once temperatures start edging into the 90s and higher, the pool starts to be more of a refuge than a recreational spot.

Water Temperature

But air temperature is only half the equation when it comes to figuring out when to go in your pool. Even if the air is warm, if your water is too cold you aren’t going to be comfortable swimming in your pool.

If your pool is heated, you can control the temperature of the water by adjusting the thermostat. Most people find water temperatures of 78 to 82F to be ideal. Hotel pools are often set slightly higher — between 84 and 86F.

Water temperatures of 65 to 70F will feel cold for swimmers. And anything below 64F will feel too cold to swim comfortably.

If your pool is not heated, you may have to wait for the sun to come out to warm your pool water. Sun and air temperature are the biggest influencers on the temperature of the water in an unheated pool.

Swimming in your backyard pools if fun and water temperatures are comfortable.

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