Pool Service Plantation FL: Family Fun in Your Backyard Pool

As one of the leading pool service in Plantation, Florida, we know a thing or two about keeping pools in optimal condition. But we also know a lot about having family fun in your backyard pool.

Now that winter is finally coming to a close and your family are going to have in it this year.


Family Pool Fun

We also can recommend some fun games and memorable:

Simon Says — While this game doesn’t have to be played in the water, it’s more fun when it is. One person is designated as “Simon” and gives instructions that the other players have to follow, such as “Lift your right arm” or “Dunk your head under the water”. If the order is not

While this game doesn’t have to be played in the water, it’s more fun when it is.  One person is designated as “Simon” and if they do, they are out. The last player left gets to take over as “Simon”.

Marco Polo  Service in Plantation Fl Skills

Everybody gets in the water and the other players reply “Polo”. The blinded player has to tag the other players using nothing more than the sound of their voices. The last player tagged gets to take over.

Benefits of Pool Service Fl

Family fun in your backyard pool is one of the best things about having a pool. Make the most of your pool by enjoying and appreciating your family time together.

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