Protect Your Hair from Harsh Pool Chemicals

Beautiful blond woman near a rockYou may love swimming in your backyard pool. But you probably don’t love what the chlorine and other chemicals can do to your hair if you aren’t careful.

Chlorine can m ake your hair dry and brittle. And if you have recently colored your hair, the common pool chemical also can ruin your costly new hair treatment.

Protect Your Hair

Chlorine is highly effective at killing potentially harmful bacteria that can grow in your pool water. It’s what keeps your pool safe by killing E. coli and other things that can get you sick.

But chlorine also strips your hair of its natural oils, which are what normally protect it from damage and daily wear and tear. If you swim a lot and don’t do anything to protect your hair, it can end up looking like hay.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to protect your hair with silicone-based products before you jump in your pool. These are the conditioners that promise to eliminate frizzled hair that can come from blow-drying and curling irons.

A Natural Solution

You also can get the same results by using coconut oil, a natural product that provides moisture while giving shine to your hair.

Another all-natural solution is to simply get your hair wet under the shower or with the hose before jumping into the pool. Because your hair is already moisture saturated, it will be harder for the pool water containing chlorine to get absorbed into your hair.

For added security, tuck your wet hair into a swim cap. While it won’t completely block out the water, it will help slow down the process.

No Pool Smell

If your hair smells like pool chemicals after you get out of the water, it’s probably because thechlorine has bonded to your hair. Wash it out using a special shampoos designed to get rid of chlorine and other chemicals found in pool water — such as copper, which can turn some swimmers’ hair green.

Check out the shampoo aisle of your pharmacy for special shampoos designed for swimmers.


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