What’s New in Home Swimming Pool Design?

infinity ledgeIf you are considering installing a new backyard swimming pool or upgrading your existing pool, you should be aware of some of the most contemporary design features of modern pools.

Here are five pool design ideas you may want to incorporate into you new backyard pool.

Infinity Ledges

Probably the biggest thing in backyard pools right now is the infinity ledgel. These are popular for pools installed adjacent to a scenic view — such as next to an ocean or valley — and feature an edge that allows water from the pool to fall off into a capture tank.

When people are using the pool and the pool is going off into infinity. It was a design that was made popular at many four-star resorts that are finally making its way to the home pool market.

Water Features

Another new design element is the water feature. These usually are fountains, waterfalls or other types of moving water that offer both movement and sound to the backyard pool experience.

Pools with water features are more scenic and soothing, making these additions very popular for new pool construction.

Lighting Systems

Elaborate lighting systems for backyard pools are also popular right now. From colored underwater flood lamps that illuminate your pool in the color of your choice to LED pinpoint lights that can be installed in the pool’s decks, walls, and bottom, extravagant lighting is all the rage right now.

Lounging Ledges

Many new pools feature shallows spaces along one side of the pool where swimmers can rest, relax and play in shallow water.

The perfect addition to a backyard pool for homes with small children, lounging ledges offer comfort, security and convenience all in one.

Hot Tub Spas

While they are not new, hot tub spas are still a popular addition to the backyard pool.

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