Tips for Power Washing Your Pool Deck

It’s the beginning of the pool season

You pool service can prepare your pool’s water, but many homeowners will use a power washer to clean their pool deck at both the beginning

Power washers can easily remove much of the dirt

Cleaning Pool Decks with Power Washers

For example, if you have a painted wood pool deck, you probably would want to avoid using the maximum pressure of the power washer, otherwise you risk chipping the paint or removing it altogether in some spots.

Similarly, if you have a cement pool deck, a low-pressure power washer isn’t going to be strong enough to remove the ground-in dirt
Use Approved Cleaners

Another consideration is the chemicals you use to clean your pool deck. You never want to use straight bleach because it can be harmful to both the pool deck surface

The best way to clean a pool deck surface is to use a fan tip. Hold the fan tip a good distance from your deck

Using a power washer to get your pool deck ready for summer is a chore that needs to be performed every year, but one that will have many benefits all summer long.

Enjoy All of the Pool Season with None of the Worry

A lot of pool owners actually dread the beginning of pool season. That’s because there are so many things to worry about — maintaining the proper chemical balance, keeping the pool free of debris, checking the pH all the time — that it’s practically impossible for them to relax and enjoy their backyard swimming pool.

The whole purpose of having a pool in the first place is so you can kick back on a warm summer’s day and escape the heat while enjoying the sunshine in our own personal swimming pool.

So why would you want to burden yourself with a lot of worries and concerns when you don’t have to.

Benefits of a Professional Pool Service

Hiring a professional pool service to maintain your backyard swimming pool is the easy choice for pool owners who value their quality time.

For a relatively low price, pool owners can let somebody else concern themselves with making sure your pool is always in optimal working order. With a professional pool service, there’s no more daily maintenance, no dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals, and your family.

Instead, you can simply enjoy the crystal clear waters of your perfectly maintained swimming pool whenever you feel like it. Now, that’s living!

Regular Maintenance and Unexpected Surprises

A professional pool service will come regularly to check your pool andle any type of repairs or emergencies so that you never have to worry about a thing.

Don’t be a pool owner who secretly hates his backyard swimming pool. Cherish your pool by having it maintained by a professional pool service. You won’t regret it. After all, you have nothing to lose but your cares and concerns.