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Planning a Backyard Pool Party? Invite Us First!

Late summer is the perfect time for entertaining outdoors around the backyard pool. The hottest temperatures of the summer are mostly past and the cooler winds of autumn are still a few weeks away. Before you invite your family and friends over for an end of summer backyard pool bash, give us a call first so we can get your pool in tip top condition. Special Appointments Generally, when you hire a pool service you will receive regular pool cleanings, chemical balancing and other service...

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Pool Water and Hot Tub Water Are Different

Some pool owners believe that their hot tub is just a tiny version of their main swimming pool. This is simply not the case. The purpose of a hot tub is very different than that of a swimming pool. Consequently, the way the water in a hot tub is treated and maintained needs to be unique. Temperature Variations The biggest and 104 degrees F. That temperature variation means that there are exponentially more opportunities for bacteria to grow in a hot tub. Plus, when you sit in a hot t...

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