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Keeping Your Pool Safe for Kids

Summertime is synonymous with swimming. And most homes that have a backyard swimming pool are naturally going to be the focal point for most families' social lives. After all, pools provide a great way to escape the heat and humidity of summer. A quick dip into the water not only cools off the body but refreshes the soul at the same time. Your pool service will keep the water in your pool perfectly safe. They will balance the chemicals so that the water is optimal for swimming without bein...

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More Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool Between Pool Service Visits

Your pool service will make sure your pool is clear of debris, balance its chemicals, and heating system. But most swimming pool owners don't have a full-time pool service team maintaining their pool. So what can the average pool owner do to make sure their pool is in optimal condition between visits from their pool service? Life Hacks for Keeping Your Pool Clean Most home swimming pool owners can instantly tell whether their pool is clean or dirty. If it hasn't been cleaned recently or...

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Top Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool between Pool Service Visits

Your professional pool cleaning service will keep your pool safe and great-looking all season long. But there are also some simple "life hacks" you can use to keep your pool in optimum shape between visits from your pool cleaning service. Here are some of the top ones we have found. Absorb Oils with a Tennis Ball Pools tend to accumulate oils that can come from sun tan lotion, hair products, and even from the natural oils that form on the skin. The last thing you want to discover floati...

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Choosing the Right Deck Furniture for Your Pool

As the area's leading provider of professional pool cleaning services, we see a lot of deck furniture. So we have become something of an expert on how to select the best deck furniture for your pool. Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is buying too much deck furniture. You want to have plenty of places to sit and not enough room to move, it can be a real problem. Outdated or Worn Deck Furniture Another problem is not replacing deck furniture when it becomes broken, worn out, rusty...

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