Keeping Your Pool Safe for Kids

Summertime is synonymous with swimming. And most homes that have a backyard swimming pool are naturally going to be the focal point for most families’ social lives.

After all, pools provide a great way to escape the heat and humidity of summer. A quick dip into the water not only cools off the body but refreshes the soul at the same time.

Your pool service will keep the water in your pool perfectly safe. They will balance the chemicals so that the water is optimal for swimming without being harmful to your skin.

They also will keep your pool free of debris, clear out the gutters and keep your pool’s mechanical systems working in optimal order. That means you never have to worry about the quality or safety of your pool’s water. Thanks to your pool service, it’s always going to be A-0kay.

But the chemical balance of your pool’s water isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. Pools are fun, but they can also be potentially dangerous — especially for small children and people who don’t know how to swim.

So while your pool service will protect your pool’s water, it’s going to be up to you to keep your pool safe for family, friends and other guests.

Whenever anybody is swimming in your pool, there should always be at least one other person present. Even an experienced swimmer can be in danger should they suffer a cramp while swimming. Having somebody else around simply provides an additional safety net in case something goes wrong.

Obviously, young children shouldn’t be allowed to swim by themselves. But they also shouldn’t be allowed to play near the pool. They aren’t familiar with the dangers. So if a toy goes rolling into the water, they may decide to jump in after it.

Keeping your pool’s water safe is our job. Yours is to make sure your pool is safe and enjoyable for everybody.

More Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool Between Pool Service Visits

Your pool service will make sure your pool is clear of debris, balance its chemicals, and heating system.

But most swimming pool owners don’t have a full-time pool service team maintaining their pool. So what can the average pool owner do to make sure their pool is in optimal condition between visits from their pool service?

Life Hacks for Keeping Your Pool Clean

Most home swimming pool owners can instantly tell whether their pool is clean or dirty. If it hasn’t been cleaned recently or was improperly cleaned, a residue line will form along the line where the water meets the tile pool wall.

To prevent this built up dirt and dirty between pool service visits.

No Dogs Allowed

A lot of pool owners who are also dog owners love to play catch with their dogs in their pool. Admittedly, watching your pet catch a frisbee or tennis ball while jumping into the water is pretty cool, it’s also  very bad for both your pool and your dogs.

Pools are kept clean using chlorine, a chemical that can be very harmful to some dogs. In some cases, it can irritate the skin and even cause severe rashes on canines.

If your dog is prone to shed its fur on land ruin pumps. So it’s a good idea to keep your pet out of the pool at all times.

Keep It Cool

If you heat your pool using an electric heater, you probably already know how it can run up your utility bill. Keep your electrical bill under control by keeping the pool temperature at or above 82 degrees F. That’s cool enough to be refreshing on a hot summer’s day, but not warm enough to overwork your pool heater.

Top Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool between Pool Service Visits

Your professional pool cleaning service will keep your pool safe and great-looking all season long. But there are also some simple “life hacks” you can use to keep your pool in optimum shape between visits from your pool cleaning service.

Here are some of the top ones we have found.

Absorb Oils with a Tennis Ball

Pools tend to accumulate oils that can come from sun tan lotion, hair products, and even from the natural oils that form on the skin. The last thing you want to discover floating on the surface of your pool is an unsightly oil slick.

All you need to do to lap up these oils is to throw a tennis ball into your pool. The fibers on the used tennis ball will help soak up the oils and prevent them from leaving a sheen on the surface of your pool water.

Monitor the Water Level

Pool water levels can swell after a big rainstorm. Or they can drop if too many kids are splashing or jumping into the water.

Watch your water levels at the opening of your skimmer. The proper level is about halfway up the skimmer.

If the water level is too low, use a garden hose to fill your pool to the proper level. If its too high, drop a submergible pump into the pool to remove the excess water.

Use Baking Soda to Control Alkalinity

The baking soda you buy at the grocery store is mostly sodium bicarbonate, which is the same chemical pool companies use to reduce pH levels.

If you are in a pinch, you can add the same amount of store-bought baking soda as you would pool chemicals.

Leave Pool Maintenance to the Experts

The best plan is to leave the service of your backyard pool to your professional pool service. They have the training, experience and tools required to properly maintain your pool so that it is always in the optimum condition.

Choosing the Right Deck Furniture for Your Pool

As the area’s leading provider of professional pool cleaning services, we see a lot of deck furniture. So we have become something of an expert on how to select the best deck furniture for your pool.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is buying too much deck furniture. You want to have plenty of places to sit and not enough room to move, it can be a real problem.

Outdated or Worn Deck Furniture

Another problem is not replacing deck furniture when it becomes broken, worn out, rusty, or out of style. Even though winters aren’t always that bad here, they can still take their toll on the quality of your deck furniture. If it’s old and dysfunctional, throw it out. New deck furniture usually is quite affordable.

When shopping for deck furniture, the number one thing to keep in mind is comfort. If a deck chair looks stylish and is the perfect color to match your decor, that doesn’t mean anything if it is so uncomfortable that nobody will sit in it.

‘Sit On It!’

Before buying deck furniture, make sure you give it the “sitting test”. Try it out. If it’s comfortable, it may be a good choice.

Another factor to consider is maintenance. You don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining or cleaning your deck furniture. Look for chairs and lounges that have cushions that won’t be damaged by water or won’t fade quickly from the sun.

Storing You Deck Furniture

Finally, consider how you are going to store your deck furniture during the off-season. Stackable chairs are more compact and cushions that can be stored in a vacuum pack. When storing your furniture, be careful not to damage it or put it away wet so that it will rust or become water damaged.

Great patio furniture can make your pool deck area come to life. Follow these tips to choose the best deck furniture for your home.