Pool Companies Fort Lauderdale – Why Choose Family Pool Cleaning?

Beatiful Brunette Playing in the PoolPool owners in South Florida, there certainly are a lot of pool companies Fort Lauderdale to choose from. A quick Google search returns dozens of pool companies in the Miami area alone … hundreds if you expand your search to all of South Florida.

So why should you choose Family Pool Cleaning among all the others? We’re glad you asked!

Pool Companies Fort Lauderdale – Family Pool Cleaning Means ‘Family’

One of the most important reasons you should choose Family Pool Cleaning to clean, maintain and care for your backyard pool is that we are a family-owned company.

That means we share the same values as your family: Commitment to doing a job well, providing top-quality customer service, and needs.

Pool Companies Fort Lauderdale — Family Pool Cleaning and Responsibility

Many pool companies in Fort Lauderdale will treat you very well when you are signing up for their service. But once you’ve signed a contract, it can be challenging to get ahold of them when you have a problem or concern.

Not with Family Pool Cleaning. We take the same careful, comprehensive approach to your pool as we would to our very one. That’s because your family’s safety and well-being are just as important to us as our family’s.

Pool Companies Fort Lauderdale — Family Pool Cleaning and Safety

If the chemical balance in swimming pools isn’t just right, if the chlorine level is too high or too low, if the pump, filter and your family at risk.

That’s not acceptable to Family Pool Cleaning. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the same high-quality care that we would our very own.

When it comes down to it, that’s the real difference between Family Pool Cleaning and the other pool companies in Fort Lauderdale: We care as much about your family as we do our own family!

Pool Service Coral Springs: Protecting Your Electronics

pool big hatIn just the past few years, electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and others have become an important part of most people’s lives. It’s hard to imagine being away from these devices for any period of time.

Pool time is no different. While you are lounging next to your pool — or even in the water — you still want to be able to check your emails or social media accounts, make phone calls, or text or chat with friends.

Water and Electronics

Unfortunately, most electronic devices can be damaged or even destroyed if they get wet. So dropping your smartphone or tablet into the water could ruin your device.

Protecting your devices simply requires a little additional caution. If you take these few simple steps, you can prevent your smartphone or other device from becoming damaged or ruined.

Keep Your Distance

The best approach is to create a “No Electronics Zone” around the water of your pool, hot tub, or other areas. Use your devices all you want in the comfort of the lounge chair or while relaxing under the patio cover. But don’t take them near the water.

Even the smallest slip could result in your device becoming usesless.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Some devices claim to be waterproof. There are even cases you can buy that supposedly will protect your phone or tablet if you drop it into the pool.

It’s a good idea not to test to see if they work. They might not. And if they don’t, your device is out of service.

Waterproof containers are like an insurance policy. You wouldn’t smash your car into a wall just because you have car insurance, would you? So don’t test the limits of your waterproof containers just to see if they work.

This summer, you can have fun around the pool while still enjoying access to the Internet. Stream movies, text with friends, and check your social media. Just do it all from a safe distance from the water.