Pool Service Coral Springs: Making Your Pool Look Its Best

and servicing your backyard pool, you can depend on the pool service Coral Springs residents have counted on for many years.

But having our pool maintenance professionals care for your pool is only part of what it takes to keep your pool looking its best. You also need to have the right pool furniture and other accessories.

Choosing the Best Pool Furniture

The type of pool furniture you choose for your backyard pool depends on several different factors, including the size of your pool, the size of your backyard, and how you plan to use your pool.

For example, if you have a relatively small backyard, you may not want to buy a lot of pool furniture or it may cause your pool area to seem cramped and inviting.

Hosting Pool Parties

While having your own backyard pool for you and family is one of the biggest benefits to owning your own pool.

But you want your guests to be comfortable. So it’s important that you have enough backyard outdoor furniture to accommodate everybody you invite to enjoy your backyard pool.

A combination of lounge chairs, upright chairs, benches and tables usually is the best mix. This kind of variety allows guest to enjoy a variety of activity, such as simply sitting in the sun to socializing with others to enjoying their outdoor meals at a backyard barbecue.

To keep your pool looking its best, choose the proper variety and intended use of your backyard pool.

Pool Service Boca Raton: Getting In and Out of Your Pool

and out of your pool.

Maintaining your steps or ladders is just as important as any other type of pool maintenance, such as balancing its chemicals or regularly removing debris.

Trouble-Free Exits and Entries

Ideally, you should never have to think about your pool’s steps or its ladders. They should simply always be there ready to perform the function for which they were designed: To provide a wide angle for getting in and out of your pool without any trouble.

The steps of an inground pool are relatively simple to keep clean and out of the pool, especially for young children, elderly swimmers, or anybody else who may have trouble navigating the pool’s ladder.

You also want to make sure your steps are not so smooth that they can cause swimmers to slip andpaper-like stickers to the surfaces of your pool’s steps to make them safer for swimmers.

Improving the Safety of Your Pool

Ladders, however, require a little maintenance in order to provide optimum functionality.

  • Check to make sure that your ladders don’t have any loose or sharp edges. Any protrusion could potentially cause scratches, cuts or abrasions to swimmers as they are getting into or out of your pool.
  • Look for rust on metal ladders. While most pool ladders are made of stainless steel, the screws, bolts or other attachments may be made from iron or another material that could eventually rust.
  • Check the tightness of your ladders themselves. If they become loose or unattached, they could break free, causing an accident that could cause injury.

Simple maintenance of your pool’s steps and safe.

How to Make the Most of Your Pool Time

pool tranquilHaving a backyard swimming pool is a luxury.  It’s not something that should be taken for granted.

Your pool is the ideal place to relax, get away from the worries and enjoy a little “alone time” in the middle of a hectic day.

Ways to Relax at Your Pool

For many pool owners, simply sitting quietly near the water and reinvigorating.

Another way to enjoy your pool is by using it to stay active. Taking a dip in the pool is refreshing, but using the resistance of the water to exercise your muscles to make them stronger and feel better.

Family Time in the Pool

Spending time with your family while playing in and around the pool is another way to increase your personal satisfaction with your life. Families are a blessing, so making the most of the good times you have with yours can create memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Backyard pools also provide the perfect backdrop for entertaining with friends and neighbors. Invite people over for an afternoon pool party or make your clean, well-maintained backyard swimming pool the centerpiece of your next social gathering, whether it’s an informal get together or a more traditional cocktail party.

More than Just a Pool 

Your backyard swimming pool contains more than just water. It’s a gathering place for friends and mind.

Think Your Pool Is Big? Check Out These Monster-Sized Swimming Pools!

and family.

But for some people, however, the need to impress is just as important as the need to have fun.

Here, then, are 5 of the biggest, baddest pools in the world:

5. The Pool at Pelican Hill Resort

Pelican Hill Resort is a lush getaway located in Orange County, California. It features the world’s largest circular pool. With a diameter of more than 136 feet, the pool and its surrounding decor is meant to resemble the Coliseum in Rome.

4. The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle

Newspaper magnate William Rand Clark Gable, the pool is now the highlight of tours of the castle.

3. Huvafen Fushi Pool

The pool at Huvafen Fushi, a resort in the Maldives, is not only one of the world’s largest, but the first to employ fiber optics to light it up at night. More than 1,000 tiny lights are embedded into the pool’s walls and deck to create a stunning memorable effect.

2. Punta Tragara Pool

While it may not be the world’s largest, the pool at Punta Tragara, in Capri, Italy, may be the most glamorous. Built among the famous Faraglioni rocks, the pool is surrounded by cypress trees and many of the world’s most famous movie stars.

1. San Alfonso del Mar

Located in the exclusive resort of San Alfonso del Mar on an island off the coast of Chile, this pool has the distinction of being the world’s largest. Wth more than 66 million gallons of water, guest can even navigate this pool using small boats.