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Pool Service Boca Raton: When Is It Warm Enough to Go Swimming?

You backyard swimming pool sits glistening in the midday sunlight. You throw on your swimsuit, head out the patio door only to be hit with a wave of icy cold air. It's too cold to go swimming. So when is it warm enough to use your backyard swimming pool comfortably? Air Temperature It's always a good idea to check your outdoor thermometer -- or at least your smartphone -- before heading outside to swim in the pool. If the air temperature is below 70 degrees F, most people probably aren'...

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What’s New in Home Swimming Pool Design?

If you are considering installing a new backyard swimming pool or upgrading your existing pool, you should be aware of some of the most contemporary design features of modern pools. Here are five pool design ideas you may want to incorporate into you new backyard pool. Infinity Ledges Probably the biggest thing in backyard pools right now is the infinity ledgel. These are popular for pools installed adjacent to a scenic view -- such as next to an ocean or valley -- and feature an edge ...

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