Safety Comes First When It Comes to Pools and Kids

Summer swimming season is in full swing. If you have children, they probably are spending plenty of time escaping the heat and enjoying the fun times in your backyard swimming pool.

But when it comes to pool safety, there are particular rules that apply especially to kids.

Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult when playing in or around the water, especially younger children.

Caring for the Youngest Children

Toddlers and infants should always be within arm’s reach when playing near the pool. Small children have been known to drown in as little as a single inch of water.

Grownups want to have fun at the swimming pool as much as kids do. So the responsibility of supervising the children should be shared among all of the adults.

Use a Water Watchdog Card

A way to add fun to this responsibility is to create a Water Watchdog card, a physical index card that has the words “Water Watchdog” printed on it in marker.

The adult holding this card is responsible for actively supervising children as they play around the pool. Every 15 minutes, this card can then be passed to another grownup so that this duty is shared equally.

If you want you can use a new Water Watchdog card every time or have one laminated so that it is waterproof and over again.

Kids Share in Their Own Safety

Kids have to take some responsibility for their own safety as well. As soon as they are old enough, enroll children in swim classes so they can learn how to tread water, float, swim and stay close to the pool’s edge.

Make sure kids only swim in designated areas, such as the shallow edge of the swimming pool. Deeper water is for diving and experienced swimmers only.

Older swimmers who are more experienced should help supervise younger children. Get your kids used to the idea that they shoujld never go into the pool unless an adult is present to supervise them.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pool This Summer

Proper care and functional all summer long. So in a certain sense, your pool cleaning service is providing you with the ability to maximize your fun this summer.

Swimming pools tend to be the social centerpiece of any home. They are the perfect spot for hosting backyard barbecues, summer cocktail events, and swim parties.

Other Uses for Your Backyard Pool

But your swimming pool also can serve other purposes as well. Here are some ways you can get the most out of your backyard swimming pool after it has been treated and maintained by your pool service:

Workout Center – Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it uses most of the body’s muscles while providing a low-impact workout. But in addition to swimming, you can get a great cardio workout by using your pool for water aerobics. Plus you can strengthen your legs and other muscles by running against the resistance of the water in your pool.

Swimming Pool Movie Night — Set up a big screen TV on your pool deck and friends enjoy a night of Hollywood glamor while floating serenely in your pool. For optimal viewing, wait until it’s dark outside before starting the movie. Place bowls of popcorn along the deck so your guests can snack at will.

Summertime Hangout — The home with the best swimming pool is usually the place where kids will hang out all summer. Host your child’s friends by offering your pool as the go-to place for summertime fun. Not only will your kids and their friends think you are the coolest, but you also can keep an eye on your children to make sure they stay out of trouble this summer.

Having a clean, well-maintained pool is one of the best parts of summer.

Everything You Need to Know about Pool Chemicals

One of the duties of your pool service is to monitor and what do they do?

There are many different swimming pool chemicals that help keep your pool safe and whirlpools.

Common Swimming Pool Chemicals

Chlorine is the most common type of disinfectant and sanitizer used in swimming pools. Usually, the chlorine will actually come from chlorinating agents that release their chlorine only when they dissolve in the pool’s water.

In larger pools, such as public pools or those at schools, chlorine gas is sometimes used.

Chlorine-based disinfectants can be either chlorinating liquids, dry chlorine, or liquid chlorine. Dry chlorine is composed of chemicals that come in a granular or tablet form.

Liquid chlorine and chlorinating liquid are solutions that dissolve in the water.

Other Chemicals

Other chemicals that keep your pool safe include inorganic chlorinating agents. These include calcium hypochlorite, lithium hypochlorite, and sodium hypochlorite. There also are organic chlorinating agents.

Usually, your pool service will use either organic or inorganic chlorinating agents because the two are not compatible. Care must be taken because if the same scoop or pail is used for both chemicals without cleaning in between, mixing or cross-contamination of these chemicals can form an explosive mixture.

That’s why it’s important to have a highly-skilled, professional pool service maintain your pool. While the chemicals they use will keep your pool safe and clean, they also can be highly dangerous if used by somebody without specific knowledge of their dangers.

Your pool service is knowledgeable about the hand other chemicals.

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