Protect Your Hair from Harsh Pool Chemicals

You may love swimming in your backyard pool. But you probably don't love what the chlorine and other chemicals can do to your hair if you aren't careful. Chlorine can m ake your hair dry and brittle. And if you have recently colored your hair, the common pool chemical also can ruin your costly new hair treatment. Protect Your Hair Chlorine is highly effective at killing potentially harmful bacteria that can grow in your pool water. It's what keeps your pool safe by killing E. coli and o...

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Can You Get a Good Workout in Your Home Pool?

Having a backyard pool can provide you hours of enjoyment. Relax next to your pool and enjoy the sun's warming rays, sip on a tropical drink as you watch the wind make ripples along the water's surface, or host an informal backyard get-together for your closest friends. But can you use your backyard pool to get a good workout? It all depends on how you use it. The Size of Your Pool If you intend to swim laps, the size of your pool is going to determine the quality of your home workout. ...

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